During these times of great stress and uncertainty, everyone is realising that’s it not just about
surviving, it’s about thriving!

And the WHO has recognised the cause of all chronic illness is chronic stress!

But stress has 3 forms

  • Physical- being prevented from moving is causing a great deal of stress on our nervous
    systems! As you may have heard, sitting is the new smoking, causing more health related
    disease than smoking ever did!
  • Chemical- this is where smoking actually fits in but what about those comfort foods high in
    sugar that we’ve been eating, during lockdown?
  • Mental/Emotional- we’ve all noticed this one, with the kids or spouse at home and still
    trying to work, or possibly not having work!

We can help you thrive through these times by first of all assessing the impact this stress is having on
you and then removing the cause of this ongoing nervous tension! Optimising the function of the
nervous system and allowing the innate intelligence of the body to self heal and self regulate