Only when your body is stressed does it grow.

Only when stress is chronic does it do harm.

Your body has a general adaptive potential (GAP), which is it’s ability to adapt to stress. Nerve interference (Vertebral Subluxation Complex, (VSC) decreases your GAP. Chiropractic adjustments increase your GAP by removing VSC.

When stress overwhelms your GAP it immediately causes VSC.

We have 3 different, but equally important stressors that we have to adapt to- Physical, Chemical and Mental/Emotional.

Physical- Accidents, Slips and Falls, Birth Trauma & Sporting Injuries (macro trauma). Sitting, Desk Work, Poor Posture, Sedentary Lifestyle and Use of Handheld Devices (micro trauma).

Chemical- Cleaning Chemicals, Pollution, Fluoride, Proinflammatory Diet, Caffeine, Alcohol, Nicotine and Drugs.

Mental/Emotional- Relationships, Study, Financial, Work, Anger, Anxiety and Depression.


How do you know if you’re over exercising?

Well, every athlete will tell you that you have a limit to the amount of training you can do before any event, if you over do it you fail to reach your best at the event.


Ever wondered why you continue to get niggly injuries when you’re doing the right things lik exercising regularly, eating clean and drinking enough water?

Have you been told it’s because of previous injuries?


The year 2020 will be remembered as the most stressful in years.

The Covid-19 chapter represents one of the most unique and stressful events in human history.

Stress represents the single biggest contributor to all disease.

Many people will persevere while experiencing minimal effects because the body adapted and effectively coped with the stress. The brain and central nervous system process all stress both internally and externally. A key aspect in managing the stress of uncertainty and life’s variables comes from the management and care of the body’s regulatory system. Chiropractic adjustments help hit the reset button on the central nervous system and reduce stress hormones. A strong nervous system helps alleviate the burden of physical and mental stress. Research published in 2014 showed that a Chiropractic adjustment reduced specific hormones in the body which carried stress while allowing the subjects who received an adjustment to circulate more calming chemistry throughout the blood stream.

Combining Chiropractic adjustments with
1. Moving the body- Any movement is good movement.
2. Breathing deeply- Practice deep breathing 2-3x/day for 10 breaths at a time.
3. Fun in the sun- Do little things that increase daily exposure to sunlight, will reduce stress in the body.