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Why are we so sick?

As a species humans are facing our greatest threat in history. That threat is chronic illness. The Black Plague killed 30% of Europe. Chronic illness is now killing 80% of the industrial world. Humans are now the sickest species on earth. We have gone from super species to sickest species in less than a century. Never in history has a species suffered with so much illness, with so much cancer, diabetes, heart disease, obesity and other chronic illness. 

Despite ever increasing medical spending and medical procedures the rates of chronic illness have been steadily rising for over 50 years. The current system is not working. The only solution to the pandemic of chronic illness, and the pandemic of human suffering and financial burden that it causes, is few sick people. The only way to achieve a society with fewer sick people is to correctly answer the two most important questions regarding the health of our citizens. 

The 2 questions we should be asking ourselves, "Why are we so sick?" and "What do we need to do to get and stay well?" The fact is that the single greatest determinant of whether you will get sick or get and stay well IS YOUR LIFESTYLE CHOICES. This is an INDISPUTABLE FACT. Once it is understood how we eat, move, think and interact is the cause of chronic illness, the  fact that changing these behaviours is the only viable option to prevent and/or recover from chronic illness becomes self-evident.

The FACT IS THAT NO DRUG OR SURGERY will ever be the wellness and prevention solution for illnesses caused my malnutrition or overeating or the ingestion of toxins in our foods. No drug or surgery will EVER be the wellness and prevention solution for problems caused by sedentary living  or poor physical fitness. No drug or surgery will EVER be the wellness and prevention solution for problems caused by lack of self esteem, lack of life satisfaction, or lack of positive attitudes, thoughts, emotions and social relationships.  

We need to stop asking what chronic illnesses we have and how to treat them(diagnosis and treatment) and start asking why we are developing chronic illnesses and how to avoid them(wellness and prevention)

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